if you truly resonate with our offerings we want to help you out!

Requirements & Offering

The Pursuit of knowledge and self improvement is the most noble of causes. 

We know during these difficult times with so much transformational energy in the ether that many are looking to find their life purpose and change paths. 

We know for some of you the money mindset, solar plexus realness doesn't come easy! That is why we are offering:

 5 scholarship per course, per semester of 30% off the tuition price.

1 full scholarship per course, per semester of 100% off the tuition price.

Requirements are determined by: 

  • Financial Need

  • Strive for Excellence

  • Resonance with Our curriculum

  • Commitment to following Sprite

  • Vision of Changing the World

We have received many requests for this offering! To qualify and be considered for this scholarship we ask that you write an essay about one of these topics:

  • How you will change the world with your gifts

  • How crystals changed your energy

  • What your guides are asking you to do to help others

  • What is your vision for a better world

  • How will taking our courses raise your vibration

All essays must be submitted by email with the title "Scholarship Request" to ATTN: Joey :) 

Please attach any relevant information that may deem helpful in making our selection.

we asked that you please wait to purchase the course you desire until after we responded to help ease our admin team:)

Please allow 72 Hours for evaluation and response and please have your application in 4 busiess days before the beginning of a course:) 

Much Love and Light

Happy Soul Management