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There is NO MP3 or Video Recording with this purchase, however you are welcome to record the AUDIO of your reading on your cell phone, tablet or computer.

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An Audio MP3 of your reading is included in this purchase. The MP3 recording will be sent out within 2-Business days (not including weekend's or holidays) and will be available to download for 30 days.

Reading NO MP3 - $100.00 + Tax

Reading with MP3 - $125.00 + TAX

A spiritual, psychic reading can help you prepare for whatever lies ahead and guide you to a path of greater happiness and fulfilment in your life. With a calm and supportive presence, Joann connects with your helping spirits, Angels and guides to help you become the person you are meant to be while honouring where you are today.  


Joann embraces her intuition and delivers clear insight about what lies ahead, overcoming obstacles and empowering you for the next part of your journey. Helping you find clarity and healing in your day to day world and guidance for the future. Joann’s aim is to help you pinpoint the blocks that may be holding you back from living life to your highest, unlimited potential.

Looking for guidance?


• Do you feel stuck or stagnant in your life?    

• Are you holding onto traumatic memories?

• Are you unsure about what decisions to make?    

• Do you lack belief in yourself?

• Do you have a lot of questions about your current life situation?

• Would you like to gain clarity on some of your limiting patterns?     

The answers might be closer than you think!!!

Looking to connect with loved ones in Spirit?  

A private reading can bring peace in the awareness that your departed loved ones are still with you. Joann has a compassionate, caring, humorous and healing approach to her Mediumship readings and all who sit in session with her come away deeply touched. Her connections to spirit are incredibly vivid and always are delivered through love and empathy. 


Reading Testimonials

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What our clients

are saying...

I recently experienced a life-changing session with Joann.  It has taken me a few days to gather my thoughts in an effort to convey the profound feelings that came up via our session (although I'm quite confident that these words will never come close to what I felt throughout and after our first session together).  Magical?  More whole?  Less fearful?  Amazed?  Loved?  Grateful?  All the things!

I am no stranger to readings and mediums and have had very lovely experiences throughout my life.  That being said, spending time with Joann, felt like the first time, the most special time, the right time, "the" time.  Joann was able to connect with my grandmother in such a special way, that I could almost smell my grandmother's scent in the room.  I haven't connected with my grandmother since she left us a few years ago.  It was an absolute dream come true and a dose of the best medicine money could buy.  Sincerely!


Joann relayed so much profound wisdom, that it was easy to feel like I had been through 10 years of psychotherapy in the span of one hour.  At my age, some people like myself are fortunate enough to have learned about why we are the way we are, and how the events in our childhoods shape the people we become.  Yet still, at my age, it can be difficult to find tangible ways, and actionable exercises that one can do to clear the most stubborn of memories, wounds and trauma that one 'thought' they had addressed and moved past.  Spirit was able to share, via Joann's beautiful and unconditional soul, actionable solutions and methods for the difficult work that has yet to be done, going forward in my journey.  I might add that Joann, in addition to the loving fellowship/community she has co-founded in CFOS, has created and developed such a loving and safe space to do this hard work, and ask the tough questions, and be open to the sometimes difficult answers.


At the end of our session, I came away with the loving fact and confirmation that my grandmother, who saved my life, time after time in the physical world, is still with me, still protecting me, still loving me.  Joann went further back in my current life than anyone has ever gone, and with one sentence, almost half a century of life’s questions were indeed answered.


Joann is so extremely gifted.  I am so passionately grateful to my Spirit Helpers and Guides and Angels and GRANDMA for leading me up north (from NYC) to Joann.  I look forward to continuing to learn about Spirit and developing my connection with Spirit alongside Joann's gifted guidance.  I have a hard time with trust.  That being said, I implore you, if you have some questions that need answers, if you are feeling lost and need some spiritual guidance, if you need a safe space to surrender, a special soul to accompany you as you seek, TRUST JOANN!  You will be so glad you did. 

Namaste! ~Lina



My reading with Joann has been one of the most valuable things I could have done for myself. I am deeply grateful to the level of care and commitment shown to me during my reading. Joann is unique and very forthright. IF  you are seeking the truth you do not have to worry. Joann will be the perfect person to help guide you there. Very grateful to you, thank you Joann.

Sincerely Paige. 


"I found Joann through a fluke, what seemed a random connection..  now I realize it was meant to be.   Joann is one of the most spiritually connected people I know, she tunes into spirit and her intuition effortlessly and provides clear and moving messages. 


I felt I have been lost for some time, and after having a reading with Joann, I feel I am again on the right path again.   With almost no information from me, only a theme I wanted to explore, she was able to correctly describe my situation, and with spirit's help outline steps I could take in order to resolve it.  Her interpretation was spot on, and at times she dug deeper to provide more details. 


Joann is not only a gifted psychic, but also a medium, and during the reading she channeled a departed family member, and again, provided tons of validation, and a beautiful and moving message. 


If you are like me, somehow stuck, if you want some general guidance, or connect to your dearly departed, I highly recommend Joann Anderson.  She gives amazing readings, she is a caring and loving individual and her readings are a wonderful experience." 


Genevieve B


“Joann’s personable and friendly manner made my reading a very pleasant and comfortable experience. I appreciated her insights and detailed revelations; they made the session not only worthwhile but truly memorable”.



Joann is a very gifted medium. During my reading with Joann, she was able to bring a lot of clarity to different situations in my life that I was questioning. I was amazed at how detailed she got without me giving her any information. I left the reading feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulder and was inspired to move forward on my life's journey.


I also joined her Mediumship Development Circle, where Joann and her team has provided a very welcoming environment. When I'm in the circle I feel safe to express myself and has opened up tremendously since joining. Joann encourages us to learn at our own pace, not to judge or compare ourselves to each other and to share our experiences.


Since joining the circle, it has opened me up a whole new world, I’ve made new friends, I’m more confident in my everyday life and I have learned to trust my intuition, which helps with everyday decision-making. Thanks Joann and the CFOS team!


- Kerrie


Joann's spiritual gifts transcend through various realms of consciousness. Her ability to connect with spirit leaves one walking away wondering "how does she do that? " Her skills come with a sense of ease that provides one with reassurance and grounding which is a true rarity. I thank infinite spirit that I was led to her and the Fellowship.


Joann's messages are delivered with a confident stillness embodying a centered awareness of knowing. Whatever the content, she handles and conducts it all with a caring empathic approach.


Joann is a diamond in the rough, a gem of all gems, always to be held close to the heart.


S. Carmichael


Joann is a gifted psychic and medium. My reading with her was 100% accurate—and interestingly, she revealed facts about my soul that I wasn't aware of myself. Her powerful connection with Spirit is so profound that she was able to read my past lives as well as my future in this present life. I have newfound respect for my soul that has lived through centuries, and I am practicing Joann's recommendations to ensure I am able to fulfil my soul's purpose in this lifetime. 


Thank you so much, Joann, for making me realize who my soul really is. Thank you for awakening this deep wisdom within me. I feel more comfortable to accept myself and express myself to the people in my life.


Much love and light to you. 




Joann’s reading gave me clarity and guidance during a difficult emotional time.  She was able to connect with the energy of someone who I was having difficulties with and helped me to see things from their perspective.  The reading gave me confidence in myself, guidance, and support.



I had a private reading with Joann Anderson.  She is an amazing psychic medium as her connections with Angels and Spirit are spectacular.  She got me the messages I needed for the exact moment.

I was very miserable about my career path.  Also, the messages from my deceased parents and brother brought me to tears, Joann had perfect descriptions of their characteristics and the cause of death. 


I had a lot of goosebumps during reading.


After the reading, I have been attending her workshops since July, its mind blowing that I can develop my intuition under her guidance, and things that happen to me are getting more positive since then. 


I highly recommend Joann to everyone for a private reading or attending her weekly workshops.  It has definitely been a life changing experiences.


Michelle Pang


"I had a reading with Joann and it was truly amazing. Joann has a connection to the Spirit World that is undeniably clear and strong. She was able to convey accurate messages from Spirit during my reading while also delivering the message in a structured way. Her messages showed me my "blind spots" in life. Insightful steps were also revealed to me such that I could get closer to my goals and ultimately become the person that I truly am, for which I am sincerely thankful. I was in awe at how Joann revealed information about my family members that ONLY Spirit could know. Things I don't even think my closest friends can see. 


What sets apart Joann is that she not only has an exceptionally high communication level with Spirit, but she is also conscientious and compassionate about how to deliver a message without losing the original intent. This is very important as words do matter and if a message is not provided in this way it can be problematic to the listener as their fears tend to get in the way.  I would absolutely recommend Joann to anyone looking to hear from the Spirit World. The value of a quality reading from Spirit is beyond comprehension."




"If you go to Joann expecting for a message that you WANT to hear, think again. Joann gives you the message that you NEED to hear. She is definitely guided by Spirit to help bring into your awareness things and tools that will empower you and gets you right on track with your Soul’s agenda. "


-- Michelle G. Toronto, Canada



Thank you, Joann, for the beautiful reading. It was my first time having a mediumship reading done, and you were spot on with the information coming through! I now feel more connected and clear about the direction I am going in my life.


Lauren, Oakville ON 


I truly enjoyed my reading from Joann.  She was very professional and highly informative about my life and issues.  I would recommend her for psychic readings. 


Judith Ann Smith


I had reading with Joann and it really helped me figure out what I needed to do and made me aware of life experiences that I had apparently pushed through and not dealt with. She answered the questions and was very professional and reliable.


In the past I have gone to many other’s psychic/mediums for spiritual guidance but with Joann it is was different. I felt I could trust her, and she really knows what she is doing and has years of experience.


I highly recommend having a spiritual reading with Joann if you are for guidance, I will for sure have another reading with her in the future.




"Joann is a very sensitive and caring medium. She delivers messages from spirit with thoughtfulness and understanding. She has great ability to understand and deliver the messages she receives but still remain objective. Her readings always provide me with comfort and solid guidance. I highly recommend Joann."


Susan K


I was at a gathering and Joann gave me a message. She was spot on, very accurate. The message she gave helped me have clarity in the direction I was going and with some choices that I was making in my life.


She is genuine, honest, and truly gifted.


Thank you, Joann, for your message and for helping and inspiring others.




Joann is lovely and a true medium: She’s the real thing ... AND a kind, uplifting person!


Tova K


I wanted to update you on my post burning bowl experience. My Mum, sisters and I all attended that day, and we enjoyed the visualizations and writing activity. My envelope with my intentions is neatly tucked away.


But Joann, you did a quick reading for me at the end of the gathering and it made a big impact. You had said that a whole bunch of spirits jumped out and were all talking at the same time, urging me to stop doing so many different things with my time.


That despite them being positive activities, I needed to slow down and focus my energy. They also laughed because they had no idea how I would achieve that. My mum nearly fell off her chair trying not to laugh out loud because it was quite true.... I  was tired, overwhelmed and doing too much. How could I ignore all the spirits advice!!! 


So, the next week, I emailed all my extra fun life groups and peeps (choirs, mahjong, friends etc..) and in a beautifully written email... said I was taking a much needed reprieve and doing some self care. I have been very successful and slowing down.


Though I battle a bit of the obvious (but stupid) guilt feelings, other than my full-time job.... I feel like I'm on vacation! I am sleeping better, focusing on some important and inspirational new things at work, fixing up/decluttering my home and determined to get healthier. 


Thank you for sharing the truths of my spirit guides. It has been perfectly motivating and I am very appreciative, and I will never forget it.


All the best.


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Practitioners will contact you via email (Within 48 hours, or 2-business days - not including holidays or weekends) of receiving your purchase notification.


The practitioner will provide a list of dates/times they are available for a session. Once you have decided on a mutually agreeable date/time you will be sent details regarding how the session will occur.