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Irakli Z Readings

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Irakli is a spiritual soul healer and his superhuman power is to inspire people and help them heal. He loves assisting other people in discovering their own spiritual destiny and superhuman power and he knows that part of his mission this lifetime is to share spiritual knowledge that he has learned over the past 3 decades and to help others who are looking to grow spiritually and heal from past hurts and traumas.

Irakli has a strong connection with spirit and is a naturally gifted psychic and he works to help bring his clients a greater understanding of the situations and experiences they may be going through in their lives. 


Irakli has been working with COSS for the past couple years but he has been on his spiritual path way longer than that. He  had his first experience with spirit when he was three years old and he always had a feeling or a "knowing" that there was something more to life than what he could see, feel, taste, touch or hear and he has always been drawn to the stars.


Irakli is Joann's right-hand and he helps her with many workshops, classes and events and is always there to help others.

By working with the Community of Spiritual and /or their practitioners, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand C.O.S.S's Disclaimers, and that you take full responsibility for your own transformation, healing, well-being, decisions and actions.

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The Community of Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S.) will contact you via email (Within 48 hours, or 2 business days - not including holidays or weekends) of receiving your purchase notification.


The Community of Spiritual Seekers will provide a list of dates and times that your selected reader has available for a session. You will be sent the zoom link for your session after you have selected a mutually agreeable date & time for your reading the reader of your choice. 

Special Consideration:


Please ensure that we have your current email address that you use everyday when you make your purchase.


PayPal "ONLY" provides C.O.S.S. with the email address you have listed on your PayPal account, and we do NOT get additional email contact details for you. As a result we will only be able to send your purchase login details to the address PayPal sends us.  If this address is an email address that you seldom / if ever check, you will miss the event login details that we send you 24 hours prior to the event. 

After we send the login details for your purchase the onus is on you to check your emails. Unfortunately some people have missed these emails because they don't think to check their dedicated "PayPal" email. To avoid this happening to you we ask that you provide C.O.S.S. with an alternative email address (one you check on a regular basis) and please inform us of the product purchased so we can make sure that you get the zoom details at your correct email address.

If you have additional questions please contact us.

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