Breathe Easy an Introduction to Qi Gong.

All Donations collected for this event go to the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists.

Join the CFOS Team and Master Teresa Yeung, Qi Gong Master (pronounced “Chi” Gong) and three-time bestselling author, as she demonstrates simple Qi Gong practices to help you reduce stress and find a sense of calm.


The Class


Have you been spending more time at your computer or mobile device and feeling tired as a result? Is the pandemic causing you anxiety and draining your energy? When we’re tired our immune system is affected and we become susceptible to stress and illness. This one-hour beginner class will introduce you to the ancient system of Qi Gong and take you through a simple practice to:


• Reduce stress and boost your lung energy


• Ease a stiff neck and loosen the body


• Improve your sleep


What is Qi Gong?


Qi Gong is like a battery charger for our bodies. It is a mind-body exercise form that uses meditation, breathing, and slow, methodical, movement to increase energy and enable the body to heal itself. It is practiced for a variety of reasons and has countless health-related benefits.


Why Practice Qi Gong?


With the current pandemic many of us are feeling fearful, anxious and frustrated. These emotions create negative energies that use up our own energy and wear down our immunity. Eating healthy may not be enough. Balancing emotions and re-energizing by practicing Qi Gong will help. It is one of the most economical ways to keep the body strong. A 5-minute Chi Gong practice can be a real energy booster!


What are the Benefits of Qi Gong?


Qigong opens the flow of energy in meridians used in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It enhances our ability to feel the Life Force underlying the physical world and to deepen our communication with it. Physically, slow gentle Qi Gong movements warm tendons, ligaments, and muscles; tonify vital organs and connective tissue; and promote circulation of body fluids (blood, synovial, lymph). Thousands of studies have shown qigong effective in helping to heal life challenges ranging from high blood pressure and chronic illness to emotional frustration, mental stress, and spiritual crisis.


About Master Teresa


Master Teresa Yeung is a Master of Qi Gong, international speaker, remote distant healer, medical intuitive and three-time bestselling author. She is the founder of Pureland International Qi Gong.


As the successor to Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s, who achieved the highest official title of Qi Gong of China in 1995, Master Teresa spent decades working with Master Wu and simplified the complicated Qi Gong forms into easy-to-do healing form. She shares her knowledge internationally and has spent decades training new instructors and healers.

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