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Psychic Development Circle

7:30 - 9:00 PM EST

Joann is taking time due to family medical situation. Events will
begin again in Sept.

Looking for a place to learn about, explore, practice or improve your Intuitive Psychic abilities?


Look no further, you have found it!

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Everyone is welcome to join this open development and practice circle regardless of 

what their level of spiritual development, understanding and awareness is.


All that is needed is to an open mind, a keen interest in expanding your

spiritual knowledge and developing your psychic skills and abilities.

​Maybe you're wondering, 


“Am I even Psychic?”

Rest assured; you are ABSOULETLY PSYCHIC!


In fact, "Psychic Intuition" is a natural ability that is inherent within each of us and to tap into our abilities all we have to do is be open to do so.

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The purpose of this open spiritual development circle is to learn how to expand and develop our psychic intuition, strengthen our spiritual abilities / gifts and to help ourselves as well as others in a safe environment empowering environment in the company of like-minded spiritual seekers.

What to expect:

1  - Each evening starts with a short discussion allowing for questions or thoughts to be shared.


2  - Some of the evenings may include theory about assorted spiritually based topics.

3  - A non-denominational prayer of intention will be recited to engage our helping spirit team.

Meditation Class

4 - Every evening has a short, guided meditation. We believe meditation is a must in connecting with and becoming aware of spirit and enhancing your psychic abilities.


You will be guided into a calm, receptive state where you will be able to connect more easily with the spiritual realm and its profound wisdom.


Meditation also serves to ground us while it surrounds us in a powerful protective energy from the love and light of “Source” which in turn creates a safe space for us to work with Spirit.

Each evening will be different as we explore various Spiritual understandings and awareness’s such as, but not limited to:

  • Unveiling & strengthening your innate intuitive abilities

  • Exploring the “Clair’s” Senses which are: Clairvoyance (sight), Clairaudience (sound), Clairsentience (empathy/emotions), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairtangency (touch/physical sensation), Clairalience (scents/smell), and Clairgustance (taste).


  • Increasing your confidence that you are psychic.


  • Increasing your confidence though learning how to discern between your “Ego Voice” and actual “Divine Guidance” from Spirit.


  • Trusting Your Intuition.


  • What is Spirit?

  • How to Connect with our Spiritual Helping team.


  • Explore the Realms of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elementals & Spirit Guides.


  • Receive Divine support, healing & wisdom from your Angels and Spirit Guides.


  • Discussions on how to open yourself to psychic awareness.


  • Discussions different inspiring ways psychic development can be used.


  • Exploring the proper ways to give spiritual messages to other people.


  • Healing Fears & Blocks on Being a Psychic Medium.


  • Exploring other spiritual resources such as oracle cards, pendulums, tarot cards, runes etc.

After the circle has been opened, we will work with Spirit to give messages to other participants.


Through various exercises you will be giving messages from spirit to other people. Learning how to phrase spiritual messages is a craft in itself and you will be guided on how to phrase or re-phrase your message/s so they are best received by the sitter.

Everyone will get to connect with spirit and deliver spiritual messages and you will be guided through various techniques Joann has learned in her decades of experience on how to tap into spirit and receive their divine guidance.

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About Joann Homen

Joann has been aware of spirit since she was about 3 ish years old, and, well, without stating her age, let’s just say that is a very long time and as a result she has collected an abundance of knowledge by working with spirit to help others.

Joann tirelessly works to support the curious and spiritually minded souls, empaths & Lightworkers as they explore the metaphysical and spiritual realm. She absolutely loves to teach others how to connect to and work with spirit to enhance their lives.  

Currently Joann is studying to obtain her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and she is also working towards becoming a ordained minister.

Guest Development Circle Facilitators

Some evenings will feature guest facilitators who will lead the development circle. Joann knows many people in the spiritual field who will be personally invited to share their knowledge and expertise with the curious spiritual seekers of this circle.

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Online Psychic Development circles are very effective, as a matter of fact, they are equally as productive

as in-person circles for spiritual growth!


Attendees are required to have their camera/video and audio turned on because this enhances the spiritual growth process and helps make the connection with spirit and others even stronger and more engaging.


Please have a glass of water and a comfortable, private space to meet where you won’t be interrupted.

You can bring a pen and paper to take notes if you like.

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Caffeine and Mind-alternating substances.


Caffeine, alcohol and recreational drugs should not be used before or during the session. These can negatively impact your personal energy as well as the energy of the group. Mind-altering substances can stagnate your connection with Spirit and make it difficult for you to receive their messages.

PRICING - For flexibility we are offering two pricing options:

Single Class

     o Cost $20.00 + Tax

     o Can be purchased up to one hour prior to class start time

4-Class Bundle

     o Cost $60.00 + Tax (a $20.00 saving)

     o Classes do not have to be used consecutively 

Circle / Class credits are good for 6-months after purchase date 

and can be used to attend any circle during that time. 

Our drop-in Psychic Development Circles are suitable for ANY LEVEL of spiritual development and awareness.

This event is offered online via Zoom.


Please note that you do NOT need to have your own Zoom account to attend these development circles. 

Please register in advance

About an hour before class registered Attendees will receive an email with the login link and/details. 

Note: Circle / class size may vary due to the fact it is a drop in open format event.

Class will run with 6 or more people.

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Click Calendar images for larger view and

to see upcoming Development Circle Dates

To guarantee your spot in the Development Circle, you need to purchase class credit/s.


How to Reserve Your Spot:

1 - Check our calendar above to see the upcoming Development Circle Dates.

2 - Fill the RSVP form below and purchase a single class or a 4-class bundle via our shop page.

Please note that we will keep track of your class credits and you will automatically receive the link to attend the development circle if you have credits.

If you RSVP and do not have class credits, you will be sent a link where you can purchase class credit/s so that you can attend the event. After receiving your payment you will be sent the link to attend the development circle.

Register in advance.
Register for the Drop-in Psychic Development Open Circle

Thanks for registering.

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