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Joann Homen offers (Non-Denominational) spiritual life coaching to individuals, couples, groups, and organizations to facilitate a holistic and spiritual healing process of spirit, mind, and body.

Joann's work is not based on any single religious tradition and she welcomes people from all backgrounds, including those who have no religious affiliation or who are agnostics or atheists. ​


Joann’s Spiritual Life Coaching style integrates intuitive guidance from the Angels, Helping Spirits, Guides and professional insight and techniques to assist her clients to transcend life’s experiences. In doing so, soulful solutions, deeper connections and a higher quality of life unfolds for the soul having a human experience.


​Drawing from her vast range of teachings, connection with the spiritual realm and life experiences, Joann provides a simple, down-to-earth style of guiding those who choose to work with her. As a lightworker she empowers people to step into their power, helps them uncover their life purpose, and tap into their unique skills and talents.​


There are times when we struggle with some of the most profound questions in life, such as those related to our life's purpose, meaning, and to understanding the Creator (insert whatever name you resonate here or non at all).


It can be hard to see what is preventing us from achieving well-being and the spiritual connection which we long for. When we feel disconnected or isolated, we may begin to experience spiritual, mental/emotional, and/or physical imbalances or dis-eases. Spiritual life coaching provides a safe and non-judgmental space where concerns of any kind can be expressed and explored.

Reasons and benefits to seek Spiritual Life Coaching:

  • Depression, painful and difficult circumstances in your life.
  • Discover your purpose in the world and how to fulfill it.
  • Develop a clear realistic plan to accomplish your goals.
  • Release guilt, fear, and other emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • Improve relationships and intimacy skills.
  • Realize your true nature, worthiness, power, and perfection.
  • Re-frame and unify beliefs that seem to be in conflict or cause confusion.
  • Develop or create a deeper connection with God//Creator/Spirit, (insert whatever name you resonate with).

Joann offers spiritual life coaching for couples to facilitate a holistic healing process of spirit, mind, and body. She also assists in discovering and clearing blocks to love and happiness and learning to open their hearts to reconnecting.

Coaching is available for all areas of life, including life purpose, relationships, career or personal goals and no matter what your challenge, Joann can help you look at your life in new ways and support you to live differently. She helps clients understand change and empowers them to manage the various changes occurring within and around them.


Her goal is to inspire clients to be all they can be, to find more meaning in life, strengthen their spirituality, and develop the courage to make changes and attain goals in order to live the life that you truly deserve!


Clients are encouraged to leave 1-2 weeks between sessions. Sessions continue for as long as individuals believe they are needed.

Joann will contact you via email (Within 48 hours, or 2 business days - not including holidays or weekends) of receiving your purchase notification. Joann will provide a list of dates/times she is available for a session. Once you have decided on a mutually agreeable date/time you will be sent details regarding how the session will occur.

Spiritual Life Coaching - MP3 NOT INCLUDED

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Great care is taken to reserve your spot for the events, workshops, gatherings, classes, sessions, and /or readings. The time / spot allotted is set aside just for you and as a result, last-minute cancellations make it difficult for us to fill your vacated time/spot.

    Please remember while we do our very best to serve you, we are also giving this same attention to many others.

    For more information regarding our cancellation / refund policies please visit:

  • Products listed are services provided by Joann Homen outside of her capacity of the president of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S). As such all proceeds from these services go directly to her.

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