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Joann will contact you via email (Within 48 hours, or 2 business days - not including holidays) of receiving your purchase notification. Joann will provide a list of dates/times she is available for a session. Once you have decided on a mutually agreeable date/time you will be sent details regarding how the session will occur.


Complimentary 15 minute Consultation – assistance and assurance of your situation

Formal Intake document – for completion and return, via email, before the clearing

In-person home or workplace visit – Services provided while in your home or workplace

Long-Distance (or Remote) services - different city, different province or state, different country

Identification of a Ghost, Entity, Spirit or Negative Energy within your home or office

Explanation of the occurrences – Reassurance

Energy Clearing – Negative Energy, Ghosts and Entities will be removed

Feedback and Follow-up document – for your completion and return

Your investment includes all of the above = $375.00 + sales tax

 Yes! I can clear your Place of business, Office or Work Space as well.  ​I look forward to helping you.

Spirit Rescue / Home Clearing & Haunting Services

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Great care is taken to reserve your spot for the events, workshops, gatherings, classes, sessions, and /or readings. The time / spot allotted is set aside just for you and as a result, last-minute cancellations make it difficult for us to fill your vacated time/spot.

    Please remember while we do our very best to serve you, we are also giving this same attention to many others.

    For more information regarding our cancellation / refund policies please visit:

  • Products listed are services provided by Joann Homen outside of her capacity of the president of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S). As such all proceeds from these services go directly to her.

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