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Past life Readings provide the opportunity to discover who you may have been in a previous incarnation. Learning about your past lives may help reveal information that allows you to heal issues or discover a new purpose in your current life.


During the process you may:

  • Discover the source of fears and phobias
  • Discover the source of physical ailments
  • Learn about your karmic path with people who have been with you through multiple lifetimes
  • Find the source of attachments to people, places, or objects
  • Learn more about your soul's path

What to Do With Information From Your Past Life Regression

It's easy to get caught up in interest and excitement about a past life and ignore the life you are living right now. This life is the one that's most truly important. Take what you learn from past lives and use it to heal issues in your life today. In doing so, you can move forward with a focus on making your present life and circumstances the best they can be.


During the Guided Past Life Mediation you to explore the past life that Joann reveals to you during your reading and will allow you gain a greater understanding how the past life is effecting you today.


The Zoom Link for the event will be sent to attendees a couple days before event date. 

Past Life Reading and Guided Meditation

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