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Mediumship / Psychic Development Bootcamp 8-Week Program


Program dates are:


Class Dates:

Class 1 - Pre-Recorded

Class 2 - Jan 9th

Class 3 - Jan 16th

Class 4 - Jan. 23rd

Class 5 - Jan 30th

Class 6 - Feb 6th

Class 7 - Feb. 13th

Class 8 - Feb 27th


Please note that the Zoom link to each class will be sent out on the day of the class.

Mediumship / Psychic Development Bootcamp (8-Weeks)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Special Note: The Original date this program was scheduled to run was from Oct to Dec 22. The host had to reschedule it to Jan 2023 due to a family medical crisis. As a result, the first week of the class has already taken place in Oct 22 and the recording will be provided for new attendees to watch prior to start of the second class which begins on Monday Jan 9th.

    The recorded class consists of theory, exercises and a guided meditation to meet your personal "Gate Keeper Helping Spirit / Angel". Not having attended class 1 live will NOT in any way impede you from reaping the benefits from the whole program. You will get the complete benefits of those that attended week 1 live via zoom. If you had to miss one class, this would be the class as all content is fully explained in the recording.

    Due to the fact the first class is pre-recorded the program cost has been reduced to make up for it. The program normally cost $350.00 for all 8-Weeks, however, due to the first class being recorded rather than live, new signs up will be able to attend the remainder of the program at a discount, paying only $299.95 for remaining 7 weeks.

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