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Seasoned Psychic Medium Readers

Rev. Sheila Bio
Rev Sheila Scott 4 a.jpg

Rev. Sheila Scott has been working with the Community of Spiritual Seekers a.k.a. C.O.S.S. for the several years and we absolutely love working with her.


A Near Death Experience (NDE) at age 3 activated her psychic abilities and she has been intuitive and sensitive all her life. She has been providing Spiritual and Clairvoyant counseling for over 28 years.

Rev. Sheila has developed and teaches various workshops for C.O.S.S. such as "Access Your Higher Self" and "Learn to Read Auras", and these workshops are always inspiring, informative and well received by C.O.S.S's members. She loves helping people develop their spiritual gifts and achieve a sense of peacefulness in their lives.

Rev. Sheila Scott speaks at various churches throughout Ontario, and she offers private spiritual, psychic, Tarot and Oracle card readings. She is certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Card Reader, an Angel Intuitive and a Crystal Reader.


Spiritual readings can give new perspectives, and re-frame painful issues to create healthier and more productive thinking. They can pinpoint problems and offer solutions. Readings may also suggest new activities, new healing modalities and new priorities to create better health, both physically and emotionally.


Rev. Sheila is LGBQT friendly and has an advanced hypnotherapy training in Ultra-Height®, Pain Management, Hypnosis for Childbirth, Advanced Medical Surgical Hypnosis, Smoking Cessation, and Past Life Regression and offers Simpson Protocol Hypnosis sessions.

Rev. Sheila Testimonials
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Rev. Sheila Scott


Over the past year, I have had the profound pleasure and honor of working with Sheila as a co-reader.

Given our close working relationship, while conducting our joint readings, I am able to give her the very highest stamp of approval I have ever given a fellow practitioner.

Sheila possesses a genuine and truly jaw-dropping connection to the highest realms of Divine Knowledge, and she is consistently gracious and kind in sharing her time and encyclopedic knowledge.

An inspiration to clients and colleagues alike, Sheila is nothing short of amazing. She is gifted and deeply knowledgeable of all things spiritual.

The guidance you receive from her will be mind-blowing and of an exceptionally high vibration while also being grounded firmly and lovingly in your everyday reality.

If you are looking for an amazing spiritual intuitive with whom you can form a long-term relationship, someone who can help you level up all parts of your life, one by one, you have found her.

I give her my highest endorsement possible.

~Jeanne-Marie Taylor


You were spot on with my reading. You clarified a lot of things for me. Thank you. 

~ Susan, Toronto. ON 



I wanted to follow up with you. You told me 6 months ago that Tom and I would be together again. Frankly, I didn't believe it. But I am very happy to report that we are together again and happier than ever!

  ~ Kristine, New York City, USA  



Wow! What an amazing reading! You confirmed what I already knew!

~ Beth, Chicago, USA




How did you know that I was renovating the front porch and steps of my house over the phone?  You described it so clearly! Amazing! 

~ Gregg, Markham, ON



You said that I would meet a wonderful partner at an Art Show in the spring. Well, it happened!  We have many things in common are so happy together! 

~ Erica, Sydney, Australia




You said that my next love would come from South America. I met Augusto and he is from Brazil. You described his appearance and personality, perfectly! 

~ Angelina, Toronto, ON


" I had been feeling that something was wrong for over 15 years. I couldn't put my finger on it. I just thought it was going to be a part of me forever. One healing session with you and the strange feeling went away. That was 6 months ago. I can't believe how good I feel now! Thank You for everything "!                               

~ T.L. Montreal QC


"The energy in our home feels amazing now. Thank You"! 

 ~ K. L. Innesfil, ON


"My chronic stomach pain, that I had since I was a teenager, is gone after just three sessions with you"!         

~ V. K. Toronto, ON


"I had pain and stiffness in my left thumb for several months. One 10 minute "spot treatment" with you and the pain disappeared. Thank you so much"! 

 ~ S.L. Toronto, ON


"Its been 12 months since you cleared my home. The negative entity that used to attack me at night has never returned. I don't know how you can do this at a distance but you obviously can"! 

 ~ J. Y. Toronto, ON


"The doctor said that I needed surgery to repair a chronic stomach ulcer that wasn't responding to medication. You did three distance healing sessions. I went back for another gastroscopy in preparation for my surgery and the ulcer had completely healed. My doctor was surprised and I was thrilled that I didn't need surgery"! 

 ~ N. Y. Toronto, ON 


"I had been having problems with my knees for several months and was unsure as what to do to stop the pain.


I went out for dinner with Sheila one Friday evening after work & mentioned the problem to her. She said she would heal them for me & I said I would buy her dinner in exchange.


We left the restaurant about twenty minutes after my having mentioned the situation with my knees. It was only several minutes after we left the restaurant that I realized Sheila had healed my knees!


The work she did on me took effect within minutes and has been long lasting. That was autumn last year and my knees have not hurt any time since!


Thank you, Sheila! You are an incredible healer and I am proud you have chosen me as a friend". 

 ~ Christopher G. Toronto, ON

Ashley Miller Bio
Ashley no outline 1 a.jpg

Ashley is a card slinging intuitive with a passion for tarot, astrology, end-of-life care and mediumship. Using her clairvoyance and tarot she is able to offer insights and clarity so her clients can better navigate through times of uncertainty.

Ashley wants to help people heal themselves on a soul level and she works with a variety of different modalities and divination & intuitive techniques to help guide people during difficult transitions and life challenges.

By utilizing her astrology, reiki, tarot and mediumship skills, Ashley is able to deliver messages and guidance from loved ones and spirit guides on the other side. ​

Ashley's skills have been developed over years of experiences, mentorship, training and certification courses and some of her education and studies include mediumship, tarot, astrology, Akashic records, remote viewing, psychic development, contemplative care, reiki, dream analysis, aura readings and past life regression.


Ashley was called to do this work because of her keen interest in human behavior and a passion for helping support people during challenging and difficult times.


Ashley works closely with the Community of Spiritual Seekers and has created some interesting and unique programs that have been well received.

Some of the programs are: 


Learn to Read Tarot 8-Week Program

Monthly Tarot Development Classes

Learn to Use the Pendulum

Dreams & the Subconscious


Reiki Healing Level 1

Ashley Miller Testimonials
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Ashley Miller


“10 out of 10!  Ashley is an entertaining and insightful reader.  I’m new to tarot card reading and I was really impressed!  The reading gave me goosebumps because of how accurate it was!  I’ll definitely be a repeat customer! 100% recommend.”

~ Beverley N

“Ashley, your readings have allowed me to let go of the pain from my past and move forward with new insight and a GREAT BIG SMILE. You confirmed in my heart what I knew was true and for that I will always be grateful.  I have learned so much through this reading, I would highly recommend YOU to anyone willing to sit down and listen!”

~ Tina C

“Ashley’s astrology reading was amazingly insightful, her report was so detailed. It’s a great keepsake to have and reflect upon in the future. She will be the entertainment at my next party.”

~ Wendy B

Erma MacDonald Bio
_D5O3901 cropped 1 a.jpg

Erma was a Co-founder of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S) which has rebranded to today's C.O.S.S. Erma is a gifted Psychic Medium, Teacher, Healer and an Animal Communicator

As a young girl Erma was exposed to the Spirit world within her own family. Her mother was able to communicate with deceased loved ones and read tea leaves and playing cards.


Erma has always believed in spirit because spirit was always around her and she could sense it. Erma was able to see things that others were not, she often had dreams that would come true.

Erma’s real journey into Spiritualism started in 2012 after her husband passed over. Erma became involved with various Spiritualist churches and eventually became the President and treasurer of the Church of Universal Love. 

After serving COUL for several years Erma resigned her position as President in June of 2018 intending to take time to rest and enjoy time with her family...…. but Spirit had other plans for Erma. 

In July 2018 Erma became one of three founders of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists in Toronto. 

Over the years Erma has taken many spiritual development classes. As a result she is a certified healer, a trance healer, a medium and an animal communicator. She particularly enjoys the animal communication part of her spiritual journey and has had many fascinating experiences with our animal friends.

Over the years Erma has taken many spiritual development classes. As a result she is a certified healer, a trance

healer, a medium and an animal communicator. She particularly enjoys the animal communication part of her spiritual journey and has had many fascinating experiences with our animal friends.


Erma’s 50 years of experience in business, her accounting experience several years as an executive secretary for

a not for profit organization were a great help. Erma would soon become the treasurer and then the president of the Church of Universal Love.


After serving COUL for several years Erma resigned her position as President in June of 2018 due to health challenges she was facing.


As one door closes and another one opens. Erma’s intention was to take time to rest and regain her health, but

Spirit has laid a path before her that she knows is her next step forward on her spiritual journey. In July 2018 Erma became one of three founders of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists in Toronto. 

Erma Testimonials
shutterstock_459845935 crop 1 a.jpg

Erma MacDonald


I did not know what a pet intuitive reading was so did not know what to expect from Erma but she was amazing!! Not only did she read from a passed dog, she also read for a dog we were thinking of adopting. She provided both a written and verbal reading that was insightful and impactful. She provided perspective, clarity and information that enhanced the quality of our decisions and relationship with our dog. You will love the enlightening message you receive from Erma.

~Shyrin H.



“ I sought out Erma’s help when I had to make a big decision regarding my dog of 15 years. I was starting a new life, moving thousands of miles away where our lifestyle would be very different. I thought it best to try to find Isabelle a home in the neighborhood she’d lived her entire life, with a loving family.

When Erma communicated with Isabelle, she was told that she wanted to come with me, she understood life would be different and that she probably wouldn’t live as long. So I followed her wishes. She adjusted well, enjoyed the new environment/ experiences and got to live the last 6 months of her life with her favourite person.

Erma’s gift, gave me the gift of peace of mind that I’d done what my dog wanted and she’d been with the person she needed to be with, to be as happy as possible at the end of her life.

I can’t express how grateful I am. Thank you, Erma






"Erma has the uncanny ability to step into the lives of our furry family members. I have a huge furry family and have received tremendous help in helping them with many situations. Erma has helped me with furry family dynamics, aches and pains, even past life information! The connection we have with our furry families are so special, if you want to deepen your connection with them, find answers and create an open line of communication between you and them. Erma can help open that line. "

~Karen M.

Student Psychic Medium Readers

Irakli Readings
Irakli pic 1 a.jpg

Irakli is a spiritual soul healer and his superhuman power is to inspire people and help them heal. He loves assisting other people in discovering their own spiritual destiny and superhuman power and he knows that part of his mission this lifetime is to share spiritual knowledge that he has learned over the past 3 decades and to help others who are looking to grow spiritually and heal from past hurts and traumas.

Irakli has a strong connection with spirit and is a naturally gifted psychic and he works to help bring his clients a greater understanding of the situations and experiences they may be going through in their lives. 


Irakli has been working with COSS for the past couple years but he has been on his spiritual path way longer than that. He  had his first experience with spirit when he was three years old and he always had a feeling or a "knowing" that there was something more to life than what he could see, feel, taste, touch or hear and he has always been drawn to the stars.


Irakli is Joann's right-hand and he helps her with many workshops, classes and events and is always there to help others.

By working with the Community of Spiritual and /or their practitioners, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand C.O.S.S's Disclaimers, and that you take full responsibility for your own transformation, healing, well-being, decisions and actions.

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The Community of Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S.) will contact you via email (Within 48 hours, or 2 business days - not including holidays or weekends) of receiving your purchase notification.


The Community of Spiritual Seekers will provide a list of dates and times that your selected reader has available for a session. You will be sent the zoom link for your session after you have selected a mutually agreeable date & time for your reading the reader of your choice. 

Special Consideration:


Please ensure that we have your current email address that you use everyday when you make your purchase.


PayPal "ONLY" provides C.O.S.S. with the email address you have listed on your PayPal account, and we do NOT get additional email contact details for you. As a result we will only be able to send your purchase login details to the address PayPal sends us.  If this address is an email address that you seldom / if ever check, you will miss the event login details that we send you 24 hours prior to the event. 

After we send the login details for your purchase the onus is on you to check your emails. Unfortunately some people have missed these emails because they don't think to check their dedicated "PayPal" email. To avoid this happening to you we ask that you provide C.O.S.S. with an alternative email address (one you check on a regular basis) and please inform us of the product purchased so we can make sure that you get the zoom details at your correct email address.

If you have additional questions please contact us.

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