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When you are angry be silent!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Oh boy can emotions get the best of us sometimes.

Without thinking we react and often say words that we will regret later.

Been there, done that, as most of you probably have too.

It is a well-known fact that when emotions go up (anger, upset etc.) intelligence goes down and this often leads us to saying those comments we later regret.

When you are upset and angry, it is highly recommended that you just button your lips and DON'T SPEAK. Instead, count to 3, 30, 300, 3000 whatever it takes to calm yourself down till you start thinking logically rather than with elevated emotion raging inside.

It is this calmness that answers are found, not in anger.

So, remember, "When you are angry, BE SILENT" that way you won’t say something you will regret!

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