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What will you choose?

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Situations happen all around us every minute of the day without exception.

Some of the situations are what we would call positive some we judge as negative...but they all have one thing in common, that being they affect us one way or another.

We have a much bigger role in how they affect us than we might realize. We can choose to allow them to influence us.... or not!

The choice really is ours!

If we allow the negative experiences to influence us, then we have effectively allowed them into our being where they can run amuck and cause us all sort of stress and upheaval.

We have the power to allow this to happen and / or continue or NOT. I suggest you rise above the negativity and focus on the positive in your life. I realize that from time to time negative will still happen as it is part of the human experience, but how drastically these negative occurrences affect us IS OUR CHOICE.

Be the boat that floats on positivity sailing through life and enjoying the process or you could allow the negativity of life to affect you but.......... why the heck would you want to?

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