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What is Your Superpower?

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Some time ago I was having a spiritual conversation with a couple people and one of them asked me my superpower was. I stood there for a second thinking that was an odd question, but I promptly responded, "Helping Others".

They both did a little gasp and I thought that was even stranger. But through a big grin they both said that was an amazing superpower to have.

I didn't think much of it at the time because it was an instantaneous response, but over the years I have thought about that conversation and my response.

Shortly after that conversation I literally decided that going forward this would be my motto in life. And so, it is, and as a result every chance I get I try to do things that will make other people's lives a little bit better.

I don't set out looking to do good deeds, the opportunities are all around and they just seem to present themselves to me effortlessly. These opportunities could be holding open a door for someone with their hands full, telling someone the colour of the top they are wearing is lovely and suits them or just that they have a beautiful smile.

Trust me these little “Nice things” uplift people, make them smile and brightens their day even if only briefly.

So, my question to you today my friends is this “What is your Superpower, and how do you use it to make a difference”?

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