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What is Courage?

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Life in all its splendor is full of ups and downs that can be difficult and joyous.

On the "UP" days life is easy and seems to flow with out much effort on our part.

On the "Down" days life can be downright miserable and make many of us feel like hiding our head under a pillow as we try to escape reality.

On these "Down" days sometimes it is all we can do is to get through the day and that effort takes a HUGE amount of courage just to get through it. These are the days we need to be the extremely gentle with ourselves and we need to give ourselves credit for doing the best that we can on these less than desirable days.

These are the days we need to recognize the immense amount of courage it takes on our part just to get out of bed to deal with the day and we need to celebrate our inner strength that enabled us to muster enough courage to go on with our day.

The times you simply can't deal with the day, give yourself permission to stay in bed hiding your head if that is what it takes you to gain the inner strength to eventually get on with things.

ALL negative day’s pass, ALWAYS without exception, giving way to better or the "UP" days, these are the days that keep us going.

So, embrace your personal courage and be gentle on yourself when you are having an off day, better days are ahead!

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