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What is a Mercury Station?

Updated: May 16, 2022

by Tamara Sophia COSS Blog Contributor

What is a Mercury Station?

Mercury has begun slowing down at 4 degrees Gemini today and tomorrow Tuesday starts its “stationing” process, which is sort of like turning around & preparing to walk in the opposite direction. This process takes over 24 hours, leading to the Retrograde period of May 11-June 3 2022, when Mercury is moving backwards from our perspective on earth.

On the day of 'stationing' (Tuesday) you'll notice certain things (or people's minds) seem to turn around and move in a different direction.

I have found this time to be fabulous for writers and other creators, who have Mercury direct in their natal charts. Inspiration surprises you.

And by early Wednesday May 11, Mercury begins its ‘backward’ walk, also known as 'retrograde'.

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