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What are you Choosing?

by Amy Liston

Choice is the biggest factor in growth; it grows your character, resilience, and your life, but we often find making decisions to be the hardest thing despite knowing how necessary it is.

But making that choice can make the difference between happiness and despair, steady career growth or a complete change in field.

But the one thing to realize is that you’re choosing things all the time. You have chosen to get up and go to your job, you chose your outfit, your coffee order, and you even chose the vibes and energy to put out into the world today – all of these are conscious decisions.

Which is why you can make the changes in your life that’ll make you happy.

You are your only limit.

It is up to you to choose and become whatever you see yourself as, because nothing will change if you choose to stay the same.

Each day you feel like nothing is changing or improving is a day you have chosen it to stay that way.

Make the career change, change up your routine, switch things up to be the way you want things to be.

The day you realize you’re in charge of everything that happens to you will be the start of a successful and happy life – make that day today!

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