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Tonight's Full Moon Dec 7th 2022

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

🌕 Tonight’s full moon occurs at 16 degrees Gemini and as a full moon, indicates culmination, completion and climax about a certain issue, depending on where 16 degrees

Gemini falls in your chart:

🌕 Gemini/Sagittarius and their ascendants: the fruition of a personal project, especially regarding appearance or your “role” in the world, your interaction with the public, through clients, business partners, good friends, significant others, stakeholders & romantic committed relationships.

🌕 Cancer/Capricorn and their ascendants: Your work environment, work projects, co-workers assistants, work habits, health habits, dietary regimens, health consciousness, spiritual practices, overcoming bad habits, psychological hang-ups.

🌕 Leo/Aquarius and their ascendants: Relationships with friends or acquaintances, networking with social or online communities, personal creativity (what you do for fun) romance, dating and children, or projects close to your heart.

🌕 Virgo/Pisces and their ascendants: Your career, business, social standing, public profile, reputation, home, family, property, real estate, or living circumstances

🌕 Aries/Libra and their ascendants: Communications; learning, teaching, writing, speaking, radio, TV, websites, blogs, contracts, modes of transportation, travel, other cultures, spreading your message, passports & visas.

🌕 Taurus/Scorpio and their ascendants: Personal resources; money saved, spent, invested or borrowed. Investments made and profit from them. Culmination around a job or client

Article written by Tamara Sophia

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