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There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Life can be challenging for sure no one is disputing that but our personal attitude towards situations that are stressful can help us move past the experience and see the beauty in life or sink us deeper down the rabbit hole of misery.

There truly is so much beauty in life, way way more than what we acknowledge because we live busy lives and often go around with nose to the ground and not seeing what life has to offer. We are just too busy!

When some of those less than pleasant experiences show up on my doorstep (and occasionally they do), I try to see the positive in the experiences that come my way and trust me finding the positive in them can sometimes be quite challenging, but I continue to look anyway.

I realized a long time ago that by being grateful for life and all that entails that my life is happier, and that more happiness comes my way when I am grateful rather than negative experiences that are not pleasant to go through.

I suggest you look for the positive in all experiences and try to turn your perceptions bout those less than pleasant experiences around and look for the positivity and beauty in them.

Life will go on whether you are happy or miserable, but how you view the curve balls life throws your way determines how long you will struggle processing them and how often they come your way.

I have round that "Positivity leads to more positivity" and "Negativity usually leads to more negativity" and I now choose positivity and you can too. Change how you look at the curve balls of life and you too will begin to see that there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy and grateful for life and all the wonderous opportunities it brings to you.

Life is beautiful, will you allow it to be?

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