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The Void Moon of Course - Sunday June 12 2022

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

The moon is void today for a very short period of time; 5:40-6:30pm EST today. This means that the moon in Scorpio is wandering without making any aspect to a planet, before she enters the next sign of Sagittarius.

This is akin to a play undergoing changes the stage, before the next act begins. As the stage hands are moving furniture, in the dark, to prepare for the next act, something piece of furniture or prop may be accidentally left out or someone may have put on one navy sock and one black sock.

This is what today’s void moon feels like to me. If you are driving in an unfamiliar place during this time, be sure to use GPS. If you are paying for groceries, make sure the cashier doesn’t miss something.

No serious problem is predicted, but some confusion or frustration is likely due to a silly mistake. So pay extra close attention during this short 50 min period.

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