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The Power of Pluto Retrograde (April 30-Oct 9 2022)

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

During Pluto’s retrograde period, (April 30 – Oct 9 2022), take time to reflect on how well you’re living up to your spiritual power and potential.

Also consider your goals and ambitions on all planes: are they worthy of you and your gifts?

Are they true to your inner self?

Do you pursue them with integrity and deep understanding of power and how it works?

When you have opportunities to lead, do you do so by example and with appreciation for everyone involved in what you’re trying to accomplish?

Do you allow time for rest?

Do you allow yourself a balanced life?

Do you give yourself the gift of devotion to life’s true pleasures and enjoyment of good relationships?

How can you live up to Pluto’s intense demand to evolve continually yet remain centered in the midst of change and even turmoil?

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