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The Power of Pluto Retrograde

Updated: May 16, 2022

by Tamara Sophia

Pluto is stationing tonight and Saturday, and by Sunday May 1, starts its backwards trek in retrograde (or backwards) motion.

Pluto is symbolic of our personal power and how we exert it so this station & backward motion is about going inside to find our inner strength.

Expect a turnaround of sorts, and though it may feel like you’re taking a step back, you're called to look at those things that have seemingly taken over your life since Pluto began direct motion October 6 2021.

What dramatic transformations have left you reeling over the past several months? You need to integrate and understand them. The deeper the change, the more it has to make sense to you.

Use the next 6 months to find your inner strength and integrate; allowing the transformation to continue on the inside.

It should feel right before you act on it, and this might be after Pluto’s return to direct motion Oct 9 2022.

Always read for both your ascending sign and your sun sign, and combine.

Aries, it’s happening in your public status or career/business; it may even involve a parent. It could be a twist on the path to your destiny.

Leo, it’s about work matters, health; or both, and how they might have too much power over you.

Sagittarius/Gemini, it’s about money; have you controlled it or has it controlled you?

Taurus/Scorpio, it’s about how you think and get your message across, whether through writing, teaching or preaching. Do your words harm or heal?

Libra, it’s about a home or family matter. Are you letting things get to you? Is it time to transition something in a major way?

Virgo/Pisces, it’s about love and other relationships, even self-love and creativity. Have you seen dramatic transformations here?

Cancer, it’s about your key partnerships, and how much power they hold over you. How has your own self-identity been impacted? What progress have you made on your boundaries?

Aquarius, it’s about all the fears and self-doubts you’ve hidden from yourself and how you will process them. Though physical health could be impacted, its mostly your mental health that merits attention.

Lastly Capricorn, it’s about how you approach the world and the role in which you choose to present yourself. Think about what kind of personal power you want to project and the self-image you choose.

Copyright Tamara Sophia

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