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The Moon's Effect

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

The moon’s effect on us is pretty powerful, when you consider its gravitational pull on the oceans tides & the earth’s plates below the sea. If your Natal moon makes aspects to outer planets, the emotional impacts on behavior can be quite interesting!!

For example Moon/Jupiter people tend to extremes in emotion, something they’re often exposed to in childhood, likely through their mother figure.

Also there’s an over-optimism and belief that everything will be alright with enough faith, goodwill & spirituality. This is often but not always accompanied by a desire to see only the big picture and gloss over the details. There are often issues with over-eating or food as comfort.

Moon/Saturn people feel unloved or inadequate if they don’t achieve or reach certain standards of success. It takes time for them to learn how to nurture themselves and others.

They often have to grow up fast and look after their siblings, or even their parents in some way, though there is sense of routine and stability in the home. However, their mother is likely not available, due to work or other responsibilities.

Moon/Uranus people are inconsistent & erratic around the giving and receiving of nurturing, tending towards unpredictability. This is the model they saw with their mothers, who was spontaneous and unpredictable. They got used to change when growing up.

Moon/Neptune people are intuitive & compassionate but often have trouble with boundaries, sometimes caring too much, often at their own personal expense. Their mother may have been absent in some way, either physically or emotionally; due to illness or addiction problems. They may have been ill themselves, or felt isolated from others when growing up. There’s a sense of dreaminess or elusiveness in their relationships.

Moon/Pluto people are intense and loyal, but often suspicious and even paranoid when bonding with others. They’ve had a history of betrayal, and often their relationships slip into jealousy and ugly power games. Their mother was likely a controlling person who gave them their first experience of betrayal or abuse of power. And this leaves a lasting imprint in childhood.

Do you have any of these themes in your natal imprint?

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