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The Auric Field

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Our Aura is an energetic bubble that exists all around the body and extend outward, in layers, three to five feet wide in all directions.

A healthy aura has the shape of a balloon or a well-rounded egg. When our aura is depleted or damaged, it can be misshaped missing areas, or have tears in it. When this occurs, we have the potential of leaking our energy out or forming unhealthy attachments with others.

Our auras, just like our chakras, are constantly changing and adapting according to our inner perceptions and outer reality shirts. Our aura expands when we are happy and joyful and contracts when we are sad and fearful.

Having a strong, healthy, full aura is our best line of energetic protection above all other techniques. The emotion of love is one of the strongest tools for boosting our auric field.

Our aura also becomes vibrant through simple practices.

These include:



Getting natural sunlight

Sleeping well


Connecting with nature

Keeping your thoughts and vibrations high

When our aura is weak, we are more prone to physical illness and unconsciously uninvited energetic intrusions by external energies in our field.

The following all individually and collectively contribute to an unhealthy aura:

Low-vibrational music and words

Heavier emotions

Prolonged stress

Stored trauma

Excessive use of technology

Exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)

Poor sleep

Sedentary lifestyle

Alcohol and drug use

Disconnection from nature

The health of our energy depends on us and our conscious decision around what we consume and expose ourselves to along with our practice of meditation and sitting in stillness.

We absolutely have the power to regulate, heal and strengthen our auric field!

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