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by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

I think it is safe to say that at one point in our life we all come across an individual/s that have not acted in our best interest and have actually said negative things about us to others.

We are all also guilty of this too. All of us have gossiped or even badmouthed another person, sometimes with malicious intent, and more often without malicious intent.

Sometimes we talk about others because we are trying to process an experience, we had with them to understand it and to resolve it.

I don't feel that when we are trying to understand and grow beyond the experience that this is with negative intentions and thus it is okay for the most part because we are trying to find a solution which is a positive undertaking.

However, if we are slandering another "Just Because" well, this isn't really productive, and it just leaves a nasty taste in our mouth from the experience.

A snake is a snake no matter what they say and if you encounter people that are intentionally slandering and bad mouthing you, it is time to move these people out of your life.

Yes, we often want to give these people a second chance and this does sometimes work out.

Listen closely to the people who you interact with, because if they are slandering or gossiping about others with you, you can BE SURE this is also what they are doing about you!

Always keep in mind that a snake only sheds its skin and becomes a bigger snake and when a person shows you who they are BELIEVE THEM!

Chose your friends carefully and enjoy the ones that have your back for they are your tribe!

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