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Reclaiming Peace!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

All to often we think we need to "Listen" to other people, but that is not always the case. Listening to others also involves the other person speaking to us respectively and with positive intentions rather in negative, abusive ways.

Listening should NOT impede our ability to enjoy our life just to please another.

Unfortunately there are some people that get their kicks from trying to rock the boat and cause turmoil. Time to evict these people out of your life or at the very least ignore their bad behaviours.

It is OKAY to choose NOT to engage with other people when they are acting negativity towards us, I believe it is actually imperative for our personal sanity. This is not to say that we wont from time to time have less than positive experiences with people because that to is just a fact of life. But....You do not have to suffer abuse in any way from bad players.

When we stop allowing other people's bad behaviour to affect us, we regain peace in our life so choose peace over negative engagements and you will not be sorry that you did!

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