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Out of mind!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

We often maul over life experiences long after they have long passed. We try to figure out what went wrong, how things could have been different, why we allowed certain things.

We literally agonize over and over and over again on past experiences. These experiences are long gone and are now out of our hands, so the time is now to STOP revisiting these experiences and evict them from our mind so we do not continue to maul over them.

This is where freedom comes from.

When our mind no longer ponders the what, why or if's of past experiences and instead lives in the moment of now (which is all we really have anyway), we begin to travel back to a peaceful mindset without having annoying past memories poking their heads up demanding that we look at them.

A good rule of thumb, if it is out of your hands, evict it from your mind too!

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