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One Day or Day One? It’s Your Decision

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We all speak of a better future as something that we highly anticipate. The “better tomorrow” that we patiently await to happen.

We speak of where we see ourselves in one, five or ten years.

We make plans.

We have goals.

But how much of us can really say that they are working towards this better future? Is this something that you can reach, and if so, how exactly do you plan to do that?

You often hear people say that they will pursue their dreams and goals “one day”. But what exactly do they mean?

When is this day they are talking about going to come?

You see, there is an enormous difference between saying that you will eventually come around and finish a task, one that will lead you closer to your goal, and actually doing this.

It’s the main difference between ONE DAY, meaning that you are delaying your goals and dreams, and DAY ONE, indicating that you are already working on something.

So, which one is it? After all, it’s your decision.

Stop With the Excuses

One of the main reasons people don’t pursue their goals and dreams is because they are too busy making all sorts of excuses.

I will leave it for later.
It’s okay, I will do it another day.
I will start next month… year… one day.

It’s always the same excuses. It’s all talk and no work.

However, sooner or later, you will realize that this behavior of yours is actually keeping you away from the future that you anticipate and the future that you want to reach one day.

Your excuses are not doing you any favor, only keeping you inside of your comfort zone, a place where everything is familiar and easy to predict. But your comfort zone is a limited place, one where you cannot grow beyond the limitations.

Like every other person in this world, you too, have your ambitions, aspirations, and goals.

You want to achieve greatness, or you simply want to be happy and content in life.

No matter what you are striving for, big or small, the essential point is that you have milestones that you need to pass in order to get to the end goal.

You keep these goals for the future to come. They are somewhat distant for you at the moment, but it’s crucial that you understand just how easy it is to determine and influence this distance.

The time it will take you to accomplish everything you set your mind to is prolonged with each excuse you make.

Saying that you will do something “one day” because you are too afraid to act in the moment is probably the biggest one of them all.

Your dreams can be easily obtained and accomplished, or they can remain what they are — fantasies you have about a better future.

It’s your decision.

You can either keep dreaming and finding excuses why not to pursue your goals, or you can start acting on them and remove your excuses altogether.

I have no doubt that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to, so why limit yourself?

Why conform to what you have when you want so much more?

Release The Fear

The reason behind the excuses we make is, more often than not, based on fear.

We fear change, we fear the unknown, and we are certainly most afraid of trying and failing.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s definitely something that we all have in common.

We are all int he same situation, some more often than others. We have our fears and anxieties, but the key is to keep fighting them so that they can’t take control over us.

So you are not the first nor the only one who is afraid of making the first step, nor you are weak because you are afraid.

The problem is not when you are afraid, rather when you allow fear to control your life to the point where you are no longer able to control it yourself.

That’s when the excuses come.

But to release the fear means to embrace it as a part of the journey. It’s And once you do that, you will quickly be able to turn your life around.

You will then be able to go from “one day” to “day one”.

The Best Day to Start is Today

The more you wait, the longer it takes for you to get to your goals.

Your “day one” should begin this very minute, without excuses, or delays.

Because despite what you might think or believe, the right moment does not exist and it never has.

It’s only a lie you tell to make yourself feel better about not pursuing something because you are afraid.

And yes, sometimes things come with time and experience, but you need to give them a little push even when you don’t feel as if you are entirely ready.

As long as you believe that the perfect moment will come, even though more often than not you are already prepared to take the opportunity, you will never be able to start the journey towards growth and success.

So stop waiting for something miraculous to happen, and don’t look for any signs.

Take your chances today.

It’s the best moment to make it your day one!

Change your excuses with opportunities.

Turn fear into growth.

Choose day one, instead of one day.

You can easily do it, as long as you truly want to make a change for the better in your life and pursue a goal for which you are motivated and determined.

In life, you decide which path you will take, and how long it’s going to take you to reach the reward at the end of the journey.

So, choose wisely, and start building a better future today!

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