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Numerology Fun

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

Your Personal Year Calculator for 2022

____________________ + ____________________ + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = ____________________

YOUR BIRTH MONTH + YOUR BIRTH DAY + CURRENT YEAR (add digits until you have a single digit)

1 Personal Year

A year of new beginnings, time to make a new start, make decisions, and forge ahead with self-directed momentum. The things that you begin now are likely to last at least nine years, if not a lifetime, so make your decisions with this in mind. You have an abundance of energy this year to use for anything you choose. Health, wealth, and creativity abound. It’s your turn to stand alone, assert your independence, and act. This can be a great time; use it to full advantage.

2 Personal Year

Development, cooperation, negotiation, and waiting…a personal year 2 is a wait and see time – a year when you will find yourself in the background with your projects "under construction." This is not a time to force things to move forward, but to move forward through co-effort with others. Be prepared for delays, detours, stoppages and the need for patience. This is a time of incremental contributions and tending to details. You may give time and effort to further the work of another person. Deep personal relationships may culminate this year (including marriage). Existing marriages often deepen and/or reveal hidden problems.

3 Personal Year

Self-expression and optimism fill your life this year. The 2 year's slow development and waiting period is over and it's time to get on with things in a more aggressive way. Luck is on your side and you seem to shine with sunny warmth and enthusiasm, drawing well-wishers, (and potential benefactors), from near and far. Creative pursuits, travel, and communication of every kind are emphasized. This time can bring an actual "birth", or a figurative one in the form of a new business or career, a work of art or even a new self-image. The important thing is that you use this time of opportunity to the best of your advantage and find new ways to express yourself.

4 Personal Year

Organization, practicality, analysis, and productivity describe your 4 year. The creative drive of last year’s 3 vibration needs harnessing and direction to move to a higher level. Systematic efforts and honest, hard work pay off in tangible ways if you use this vibration wisely. The number 4 symbolizes Earth and the four directions and evokes a similar energy of initiation as the Cardinal signs, Angular houses, and square aspect … a call for effort that pays off in tangible rewards. Time to focus on earthly matters, save for the future, and build a foundation for what will come. Building health of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit – and finding the right balance between them – will help you secure a strong foundation for your future.

5 Personal Year

This year brings a desire for freedom of movement, speech, and thought – freedom to follow wherever the five senses lead. Travel, adventure, education, and communication are likely interests at this time. Changes are constant and the freedom to move with these changes is very important. Love affairs, sex, indulgences of every kind are a part of this vibration. This is the time to explore and investigate. You accumulate knowledge and experience for future years on your journey.

6 Personal Year

Marriage, family, and community become your focus this year. You can access your feelings and intuitive abilities more easily now. Creativity becomes more important to you, and might decide to redecorate or remodel your home this year. You may be asked to make big life commitments….marriage, children, partnerships of all kinds. You emanate love and nurturing, and many will ask for your help and caring this year.

7 Personal Year

You will want to rest, reflect, and analyze your goals, relationships, and where you'd like to go from here. This is a time of introspection, so you may find it necessary to withdraw from life a little bit and go off by yourself. It is a good time to write about your contemplation, as your perception goes deeper now and you have the opportunity to tap into "higher knowledge." The 7 vibration has an air of mysticism and a 7 Personal Year is a time to look inward for answers. If you resist that process, you find that things go awry. If you flow with it, your life flows smoothly.

8 Personal Year

Now is the time to receive payment for efforts made in the past. The new beginnings made during your 1 Personal Year now bear fruit, and this may mean money, power, and recognition. Or, this can be a time of making payment, and clearing debt. “As you have sown, so shall you reap,” is the motto for the 8 year. Consequences of past actions may bring great success or great challenges. You are ready to face whatever comes, charged with a powerful energy that gives you increased physical strength and stamina. You can make great strides in any area you wish.

9 Personal Year

The 9 Personal Year is a period of preparation for the next cycle of 1 through 9 years. It is a time when you weigh everything in your life and only those things you need survive the culling process. It’s best to honestly and lovingly face yourself and your life at this time. If you do, and if you have been true to yourself up until now, this will be a time of release, freedom, and exhilarating relief. You anticipate the possible new adventures ahead and may travel or otherwise explore what the world can offer for your future.

11 Personal Year

This "Master Number" year is highly charged, and illuminates the 11 year. You get noticed and attract attention for any talents you have cultivated. Inspiration follows you around and you use it in some creative capacity. You must make quick decisions at times because things happen so quickly. Adventure and excitement abounds, and it is a powerful time to use positive thinking and creative visualization techniques. You are very intuitive now, and might even have clairvoyant experiences.

22 Personal Year

Another Master Number, 22 has similar qualities to 4, but tends to dream and build on a much bigger scale. If you have a Personal Year number that adds up to 22, let yourself shoot for the moon this year! If you allow doubts to hold you back, the 22 can backfire with feelings of extreme frustration and ultimate regret.

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

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