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New Moon in Gemini Monday May 30 2022

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

It’s here Monday! The new moon at 9 degrees Gemini is particularly meaningful for Geminians having birthdays within 2-3 days of today. But whether your sun sign is Gemini or not, set intentions Monday and early next week that relate to keywords like ‘learning/teaching, car travel & adaptability to change’. You are setting intentions that will take shape over the next 2 weeks, and reach some form of fruition or provide feedback around Mid-June 2022.

As well, if your Sun or rising sign is the following; visualize what you want to see around these areas:

Sagittarius & Gemini (personal improvement, personal projects and one-to-one relationships)

Cancer & Capricorn (health & welfare; psychological or physical, employment & working conditions, spirituality)

Pisces & Virgo (living situations, family circumstances or career/business)

Aries/Libra (communication, IT, education/academia, sales, travel/foreign affairs, visitors, knowledge & study

Leo & Aquarius (creative or entrepreneurial inspiration, children, romance, friendships & fun)

Scorpio & Taurus (financial conditions, new beginnings around money)

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