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NEVER Give Up!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Sometimes in life we must keep laser focused on achieving our dreams. We must pursue the opportunities life sends our way.

Problem is, many of us want things to always be easy. At times life can be easy to navigate and at times more difficult.

Unfortunately, we often self-sabotage our own lives by giving up on our dreams and ideas because we get caught up thinking we aren't smart enough, don't have the time, money, education etc.

Giving up will result in being stagnant in our life which can often lead us to being somewhat miserable. BUT!

Although this is not an ideal thing to do, we are also completely in charge of our own success and could decide to keep trying.

But all is not hopeless because we are also the solution to our problems. Never give up on the things that matter to you, a little perseverance usually results in manifesting our dreams and ideas.

The universe is working with you behind the scenes to bring you want you desire but the simple act of giving up will shut down the ability to manifest your dreams because you have told the universe you are not worthy or unable to achieve your dreams.

NEVER, NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP on your dreams!

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