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Mercury Squares Jupiter

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

Hopefully you took it easy yesterday because today Friday, sees more action for Gemini’s, Cancerians and Aries (and their ascendants).With Mercury square Jupiter, you’ll find yourself doing more talking and travelling, even if it just means doing more errands.

An Emphasis on communication means more socializing, business meetings, teaching/learning, consulting, writing, public speaking, protesting/rallying or media work. As well, expect to hear news/feedback or announcements of a decision related to where the sign of Cancersits in your chart. You may also feel a bit of a struggle fitting everything you want to do, into your schedule today.

For example, Cancerians, the news or announcement is probably emanating from you, and it could be connected to your career/business or public identity.

Pisces, you might hear news from a foreign source or about a travel, educational or media issue.

Leo/Aquarius its related to your money/income/personal value; or your investments/expenses.

Gemini/Sagittarius, its related to your mental and physical well-being, and how you can achieve wellness. Perhaps some feedback or results from a doctor.

Scorpio, you may hear/share news about a social event, a romantic invitation, or be invited to one. You could also hear feedback regarding your child or your business.

Aries its about your career/business or your public identity/status; perhaps your employer has some feedback for you.

Libra, you may hear news from or about family or a home/property related issue.

Taurus, you might hear something about a friend, or get an invitation for social gathering of your peers.

Virgo, you might hear back about a school-related issue, or feedback or announcements from a neighbor or relative.

Capricorn, a key relationship, business or personal, offers feedback or provides information/answers to your query.

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