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Mercury Sextiles Jupiter

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

Today into Thursday night are the best days of this week, thanks to a sextile between Mercury-Jupiter.

Schedule interviews, classes, workshops, travel tickets, contract signings, and presentations, particularly for sales as people are generally more open to persuasion & new ideas. They want to stretch their understanding. And if you’re a Pisces, this aspect brings an added benefit around money; expect to hear some news. Perhaps a sale? Any activity concerning travel, communication, negotiation, learning or agreement will also blossom nicely; no more or less than the effort you put in. So you don’t need to worry about going overboard with Jupiter - it’ll turn out just right.

The fact that Mercury is Rx right now simply says that there’s a connection to something you said, or did, or action you took in the past; or relates to a person from your past. You have the chance to go over something again.

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