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Mars Sextile the Sun

Updated: May 16, 2022

by Tamara Sophia May 2nd, 2022

Mars Energy for May

Is there SOMETHING that you would really like to get done? Something that calls for a burst of energy from you ? To get off the couch & take action? The first 2 weeks of May 2022 are perfect for that.

Since we just saw a solar eclipse (new beginnings) think about what goals you have for the next 6 months and then use that Martian energy to help you propel you into action. This is a Sun/Mars sextile at 10-21 degrees Pisces and Taurus. It’s all about taking advantage of a little extra energy and using it intelligently.

With Mars in a mutable sign, multi-tasking is a done deal and most of us can juggle many projects or interests now. It’s the water signs in particular (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) that benefit, though Aries does well with this aspect too. It may translate into a hearty spring cleaning of your home or something sports or competition related.

Even mental energy is blessed and this includes writing or communications/advertising projects. Short drives or weekend trips may be appealing too. And the nice thing about a sextile is that the drive you feel is not overpowering. There’s no extreme push, just a nice healthy desire to “DO”.

Don’t waste this lovely energy. The aspect fades around mid-may so plan to have most important objectives at least started by then.

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