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Lunar Eclipse Part 4

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

Today’s big event is a full moon total Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio. We have seen the beginning of dramatic changes in the Taurus and Scorpio sectors of our natal charts over the past 6 months approximately. Think of this one and it’s solar eclipse counterpart (April 30 2022) as part 2 of 4 in a story that will unfold gradually.

We are approaching the middle of a cycle that represents a changing story; especially relevant to Taurus and Scorpio, and to a lesser extent Leo and Aquarius. This eclipse is another point in a slow evolution that began towards the end of 2021 and will impact you over the next year and a half, as it comes to a close. What themes began coming up for you late 2021?

And how does this lunar eclipse impact your Natal Chart? (Read for your Ascending sign first, followed by your Sun sign.)

SCORPIO, this eclipse falls in your 1st House - Taking a strong stand, changing your appearance and independent thinking will be highlighted. This can be also be a time of greater self-awareness and personal power. This eclipse is affecting you more personally than anyone else. Relationships are also highlighted in this process; their delicate balance is affected by your emerging sense of self. Go ahead and take the radical step before you. Be decisive – take that risk you’re thinking about. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

SAGITTARIUS, this eclipse falls in your 12th House - Great spiritual insight or an event may cause you to seek a retreat and hide away from the world. You may feel a bit lonely, or vulnerable; like hiding away at this time. You may also be feeling physically weak. However this could be very positive; helping you tap into your creativity and make a breakthrough.

This eclipse highlights the subconscious part of you. Some secret or hidden fact could come to light over the next week or month, possibly related to your work, health or day to day routines of your life. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

CAPRICORN, this eclipse falls in your 11th House - Your friendships and your reputation come sharply into focus during this eclipse. Friendships, group activities and what other people think will matter more as your reputation could be analyzed by others, for better or for worse.

You’re pursuing your dream and it’s exciting, as you start to see things take shape over the next few months. Relationships with friends or acquaintances also become more clear this month as some matter comes to climax, and the dust slowly settles over the next while. A female association may get lost in the process. Certainly any activities you do within a community of people with common interests are highlighted and positive opportunities should come out of it. Networking is effective, and in fact may yield fruit over the couple months in the form of a new opportunity. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

AQUARIUS, this eclipse falls in your 10th House – impacting the sector that deals with career, business and how you’re seen in the professional world. Your public reputation comes under scrutiny for better or for worse and there could be a fall or rise to power. You’re seeing results now (and possibly endings) from efforts or plans made this past year. If you’ve worked hard and planted seeds correctly, your professional status should now bear the fruit of positive recognition and success. Or, it may be time to release some part of your professional identity.

PISCES, this eclipse falls in your 9th house and awakens questions about the meaning of your life and the direction you’ve been taking.

How can I expand my world and better reach my potentials? You might be thinking of studying, formally or not, or teaching and passing on what you know. There’s an academic or IT theme here. Maybe you’re completing some certification or program? Writing or publishing a book or magazine? You’re feeling philosophical; what is the big picture and where do I fit in? What stimulates both my intellect and soul for higher growth? Maybe travelling to a foreign country will bring insight; Religion or spirituality are also resources that help you to step outside your comfort zone. Think outside the box and let yourself grow. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

ARIES, this eclipse falls in your 8th House - Issues of birth and death come to light. It is also a time of debts, other people’s money and sexual relationships. Money matters you share with another could be affected during this time. It highlights finances for you; the kind that are dependent on a bank, or business partner. You could hear news of some large chunk of money, possibly through a business deal, big ticket sale, commission or settlement. It may also be an outgoing chunk of $$ but if so, whatever you’re investing in is good for your long-term security. Even the opportunity to pay off debt would be good news. Issues around your trust with another are also highlighted. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

TAURUS, this eclipse falls in your 7th House - Pressure on serious relationships could occur.

There’s an emphasis on your need to compromise in order to sustain a relationship. The flip side could involve even divorce or a relationship pushed to the brink and this includes lawsuits or legal entanglements as well. If you figure out where to compromise, it could also be a time of marriage, signing business contracts and making serious commitments. Another consideration; your relationship may simply be affected because of what’s happening in the life of your partner, either business or personal. Something you’re struggling with in a key relationship settles for the moment or reaches some sort of fruition. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

GEMINI, this eclipse falls in your 6th House - Be careful of little accidents or frustrations. Your daily routines could change suddenly. A health issue could come to your attention. On the flip side, you could find a daily routine that ultimately suits you better, one with more balance or efficiency.

Highlighted are those day to day issues and little things that help or hinder your routines, often related to your work. Something about your schedule is slowly coming to an end; or changing suddenly and abruptly. This could be due to IT problems, or something that’s been going on quietly behind the scenes, that suddenly explodes for your attention. Though issues are likely more intense around November/December, they could also linger into January, calling for changes in your workstyle or health habits. Maybe it just needs a little adjustment here or there. As well, this eclipse settles or ends something in the workplace or in a work-related matter for you. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

CANCER, this eclipse falls in your 5th house & marks the beginning of the end of something, which could gradually fade away or settle itself rather suddenly. Its related to something that makes/made you feel alive and joyous, like a child or romantic affair. It could also refer to a business or creative idea that’s close to your heart. This is likely something that you’ve been building on over the last 2 years, and now, it seems to show signs of coming magically to life, or alternatively, coming to an end. Like a seed of potential, you’ve been nurturing and growing some exciting idea and you may be coming to the end of one particular road. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

LEO this eclipse falls in your 4th house; issues in your home life will take precedence. You might decide what family really means to you. Maybe you are welcoming a new member of the family. As well, a parent relationship may see some sort of ending. Where you live and family issues will be in the spotlight, for better or for worse. Maybe you’re renovating, selling, or buying a new home; or fixing it up in some way. Or maybe you are buying a second property or even a property-based business. You might also be in the process of ending a lease, or settling some important family matter. Maybe you will relocate for your work? These are the types of questions in your mind. The issue of where, how or with whom you will live is in the spotlight and though decisions are in progress right now, you might still need the next few months to actually get things properly settled. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

VIRGO, this eclipse falls in your 3rd house and highlights themes of being a student or teacher. You are seeking consciousness in some way, or maybe just experience, skills or credentials. You may experience something of a ‘jolt’ within the networks, communities, or neighborhoods you’re plugged into. This also applies to online communities or social media. Maybe you’re a student applying to schools or educational programs of interest.

Brothers, sisters, schoolmates and extended family also play roles, and may be involved in the completion or settling of some information based interaction. A sibling relationship may weaken or end, possibly due to a move or intellectual difference. Keep an eye on the proper functioning of your car, as there could be an issue around driving or commuting. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

LIBRA, this eclipse falls in your 2nd house and highlights themes of finances; the kind you earn through your job, and to a lesser extent, the investments or purchases you make. You could find yourself losing income from a job, possibly because of a choice you make, or making a large purchase or sale. But something is happening that dramatically alters your available monetary resources. You will also be thinking about your assets overall, what you own and what you are worth, because of this change in your financial state. Lastly, you’ll be taking stock of your skills and talents; what you can do and what you want to do. What will you be releasing over the next couple months?

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