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Love Shining

by C.O.S.S. Blog Contributor Julie Hagan

Love shining...

See yourself shining as we have always seen you.

It is safe to shine, to be you. To be all of who you are and how you are.

Magic has returned and you the magician. All you have ever dreamed of is just here…soon to be seen.

You stand taller, you stand smarter.

You stand now in your power and it is a wondrous thing. The energy bends to you.

You are the gardener of these pastures, to be planted to be nurtured to be seen in full bloom.

Love always.

Keep it on fire in your heart.

The engine of the world is love.

Love of self, of another, the beloved, your child, your friend, the sun, skies, the birds…

Always send out in love and only love will be returned to you.

The loop of infinity, love out, love in.

All that is and all that ever was and all that shall be.

Feel it. Feel the love as it rises in you and releases and rises and releases.

The love you create goes out and joins the love of all and all that is and comes back to be something new.

You are like a conductor. Out, in, timing, balance, a little here a little there.

Maintain this always.

Even in hard times, the love and light are the things that matter.

They bring into matter what you live.


Peace be with you and trust this newness you feel.

A new day is dawning.

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