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Live in the Moment!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

When we live in the past or the future, we are robbing ourselves from the pleasure of the moment.

Sometimes revisiting memories leaves us feeling down, angry, resentful, hopeless etc... and these are not the type of memories that serve us well in our lives or bring us any sense of peace.

Re-visit the memories that bring you happiness because these memories are good for your soul and will make you happy.

Life can be stressful; this is just a fact of life and I know many of us are feel varying degrees of anxiousness (including myself) at one point or another most days.

This anxiety is often caused because we are thinking about the future and what that might involve and we go over various situations in our head with the goal of trying figure things out or how to better prepare us for what is to come.

Life is short and if we spend time thinking about the negatives of the past or focus on the uncertainly of the future, we are wasting precious time. I say this because not even one of us knows for certain that we will be alive tomorrow.

Living fully in the moment will help to bring us peace because we are not thinking of the past or what the future may bring but rather, we are in the moment of now.

One of the mottos I try to live by everyday fits perfectly with this awesome quote by Lao Tzu. I often say, "If I waste time today being upset about the past or if I spend time worrying about the future and I was to die tomorrow, what a waste of precious time that would be".

So, friends, live in the moment, it's clearly the best thing we could do for ourselves and embrace the peace of mind that comes with doing so!

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