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Light It UP!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

I love this phrase because it puts the journey and our destiny firmly where it belongs and that is in our own hands.

NO ONE has a greater power to manifest in our lives then we do and it is important for us to understand our part in creation process because it is linked to us.

Every thought we think, every word we speak and every action we do or don’t do will bring us closer to what we desire or move it beyond our grasp.

Each step is important, not just the big / end vision (light at the end of the tunnel) we desire for ourselves. I believe as we co-create with the universe that it is also important that we acknowledge and celebrate each and every step we take to get us to our “vision”.

With each step that you take, light up your life and relish the journey, appreciating each step before you. You can be miserable along the way, or you can be happy, either way the end result will still happen.

By appreciating each step, we take towards our “Vision” each step becomes even more rewarding because we have acknowledged it’s passage, the journey itself.

So, as you co-create your future with the universe, keep your eye on the entire journey not just the end of the tunnel and light that sucker up with your brilliance.

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