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Let go of Grudges!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

All of us at one point in our life or another have held a grudge against another, it is just part of the human experience.

But, by doing so we rob ourselves of happiness in our life because we often keep going over and over the experience in our head without growing from it.

This is not a pleasant cycle to be in and nothing good ever comes from holding a grudge. I am not saying you have to forget about what happened, but it is important to grow beyond the pain of the experience and let it go.

The path forward is ALWAYS in front of us, NEVER ever behind us.

Instead focus on the many blessings you have in your life and live your life full of gratitude, this brings more of these experiences to you and makes your life so much more fulfilling.

Let go of the grudges so your hands are free to embrace the good things coming your way!

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