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Jupiter Transits - The Chance for Luck in 2023

Written by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

Did you know Jupiter transits bless us with abundance in some area of our lives? Though it may not be the abundance we desire, it is probably the abundance we need. After a brief taste of Jupiter’s foray into Aries, the planet of excess and opportunity has returned to Aries now until mid-May 2023. Where might you see the greatest opportunity? Please read for your ascending sign if you know it and if not, for your Sun Sign.

Gemini, you’re lucky around contacts and networking. Meet as many people as you can now and join groups. You’ll find like-minded people who want to help you or connect you to others who can. Business income too, may be more abundant than expected. After May, your understanding of spirituality grows.

Cancer, you’re lucky around career or business matters; if you’re searching for a new job get those resumes out before mid-May. And attend professional events where you can be seen. You’ll be the right person at the right time.

Leo, you’re lucky around anything international, including academics, personal mind expansion, import/export, marketing and outreach. You might be spreading your knowledge as well; education and spirituality are key themes. Prepare your mind and your understanding of the world for the next highlight to come soon. Think Big.

Virgo, you’re lucky around finances, such as taxes or lump sum contracts. Compensation for past work is likely to arrive before May 2023. Or, news of an inheritance or lawsuit. Focus on your investments; it may be time to buy or sell. Opportunities abound, even of an international nature.

Libra, you’re lucky around key partnerships. When you ask, you're finding the help you need in key contacts, whether personal or professional. Romance still offers wonderful opportunities to blossom into a commitment relationship and if already married, experience a greater sense of goodwill and kindness. Also, now through May/June 2023 is also a wonderful time for marriage.

Scorpio you’re lucky around outreach and day to day efficiencies. Create new promotional materials like business cards, brochures or flyers. Work or contract opportunities abound or if you have one main job, you’ll find your workload expands, in a positive way. It’s also a good time to find the right doctors and get solutions on medical issues.

Sagittarius, you’re lucky around entrepreneurial and romantic adventures. Children & fertility too. Dating opportunities are numerous and whatever creative project you’ve undertaken has been inspired, including business ideas. You’ll manage to find fun everywhere, and enjoy whatever life throws at you. Good for you!

Capricorn you’re lucky in home and family matters. You are blessed to have found the right home, or maybe to now renovate what you have. Your family is safe and happy and for this you are truly grateful. You’ve survived Pluto’s long transit through your sign and are stronger for it. Moving forward, you need to fortify your finances.

Aquarius, you’re lucky with advertising, teaching or studying. You’re inspired to learn as much as you can, and likely reading more than you have in a while. It’s also a good time to buy a car or anything technological as you may find yourself driving or communicating more with the world. Siblings and/or cousins may offer more support than you expect; your "community" too.

Pisces you’re lucky in financial matters, including your own earnings. You have seen good opportunities to earn money in the past few months and probably took advantage of them, because you are always alert to opportunities. You know your own value. Now through June 2023, focus on continuing to boost your money-making skills and capitalizing on what you have already built. A wonderful time for entrepreneurs.

Aries, you’re lucky around personal matters. These include personal projects and things that have expanded you as a person. You are more self-assured than you’ve been in a while, and willing to take risks. It also includes doing things that make you feel good, including putting yourself first. Though you may find yourself gaining a bit of weight, don’t worry, you’ll have a good chance to lose it after Jupiter leaves your sign in May 2023.

Taurus, you’re lucky in having the time and opportunity to re-engage with your sense of the spiritual. You have deepened your understanding of your subconscious and all or any habits that may have been holding you back. You’re growing from the inside out and learning about what inspires you, moving forward. Use this time to plan for your great break-out after May 2023.

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