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Jupiter in Aries – A Sneak Preview

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

Now through Oct 2022, Generous Jupiter tips his toe into Aries, providing opportunities for growth and giving us a sneak preview of 2023, and where we may be lucky. Read for both your Sun Sign and your Ascending Sign.

Gemini you’re lucky around networking. Meet as many people as you can now & join groups.

Cancer, you’re lucky around career & business matters; if searching for a new job get those resumes out ASAP. You’ll be the right person at the right time.

Leo, you’re lucky around academics, personal mind expansion, marketing & outreach, especially international. Spread your knowledge.

Virgo, you’re lucky around finances, like taxes or lump sum contracts, compensation or inheritances. Investments too.

Libra, you’re lucky around key partnerships. You’re finding the help you need in key contacts, whether personal or professional.

Scorpio you’re lucky around extra jobs & medical issues. Distribute promotional materials like business cards, brochures or flyers & see your business grow.

Sagittarius you’re lucky around entrepreneurial & romantic adventures. Children too. You’ll manage to find fun no matter what. Good for you!

Capricorn you’re lucky in home & family matters. You’re blessed to have found the right home or even renovate what you have.

Aquarius you’re lucky with advertising, teaching or studying. You’re inspired to learn as much as you can & pass that information on.

Pisces you’re lucky in financial matters, including your own earnings. Expect opportunities for prosperity this summer.

Aries, you’re lucky around personal matters & things that help you grow. You’ve focused on things that make you feel good & don’t worry about the weight you’re gaining.

Taurus, you’re lucky in opportunities to engage with your personal spirituality. You’ve been growing on the inside more than anyone knows.

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