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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

by COSS Blog Contributor Ashley Miller

Intuition is not a gift passed down from generation to generation, it’s within all of us. It is our internal instincts, contrast from our conscious reasoning.

It alerts us when danger is near. It pangs us when we are out of alignment and it nudges us back to the path when we veer off. Intuition cautions us and speaks to us when we need it most.

Everyone has it! Everyone! intuition, psychic abilities, premonition, call it whatever you like, it’s in all of us.

Lots of us just have trouble trusting the messages we get from our intuition. Sometimes ignoring these messages can manifest in areas of our bodies. Mostly because it’s an unfamiliar part of us and it works differently for everyone. Just like two people can look at a painting and see different things, they can also intuit things differently.

Some of us see images in our minds eye, they come through in symbols and can often be mistaken for our imagination, this is clairvoyance.

Some of us can sense something is going to happen before it does, like knowing and sensing future outcomes, this is claircognizant.

Some of us hear sounds and songs in our head, others experience songs being played with synchronistic qualities, hidden messages, this is clairaudient.

Some of us walk into a room and pick up the energy immediately, we can literally feel the energy pulsating, this is clairsentient.

These are just some of the ways in which our intuition works for us. The way you are going to experience this fully and wholeheartedly is by listening and trusting yourself. I

f you want to explore working with your intuition further, try and pause for a minute when you walk in the room and feel what sensations you pick up in your body. When your mind drifts and you begin to day dream write down what you saw, our subconscious talks to us using symbols and images we are familiar with, our work is to try and break them down and decipher them.

Dreams are a way in which our unconscious mind tries to contact our conscious mind. We naturally gain insights and knowledge through these sensations. Always tune inward and listen for any messages your higher self wants you to know.

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