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by C.O.S.S. Blog Contributor Julie Hagan

Interconnectedness…all that is.



Community, people, family…humans and nature.


It is everything and everything is.

All that is Truth and True.

All comes down to the interconnectedness. One cannot be without the other…you may stand separately and apart but there is always, always the thread that connects.

So many want to turn away from that, not see it so that then they can judge and not be responsible for. That is the human ego that sees it as a threat. But it cannot be denied.

As you were born, from where you were born to where you will rise to…. all connected.

One breath. One heartbeat.

Separateness is the illusion that must be dispelled. All in one and one in all. As the star dust is in you, it is in everyone. So simple yet so difficult for the mind, the human mind to grasp as a concept.

Again, the ego is threatened. Mine has to be theirs too. Theirs is as good as mine. They are equal to me and I am equal to them. This is alignment. This is balance. If all were equal then nothing is less, nothing coveted, no fear or lack.

This is the great trial of the earth beings. The great test… the great maker of peace, if it happens. You know you come from the whole and yet you forget that.

You look outside yourself time and again for answers, for wisdom, for help when it is inside you - as I am.

I am in you, You are in me.

So how could you ever need anything other than what you have?

It is only the human mind that cannot allow this in, so use your heart.

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