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How to use a Void Moon

Updated: May 16, 2022

by Tamara Sophia COSS Contributor

How to use a Void Moon Day

You may feel slightly weird or detached from reality somehow. As of 8:40am EST, the moon is “void” = floating with no direction and so are we. Take the day off if you can...

In the sign of LEO. Do something that encourages your leadership and creativity. What can you take charge on that allows for the flowing of creative juices? Socializing of any kind is strengthened. Fun is imperative.

In general, a void moon is perfect for taking a break, listening to music or reading, watching movies, meditating or napping. Re-write or revise tests or other documents or manuscripts, make love, catch a pilates/yoga class, uncork that bottle of wine with friend, or catch up on routine activities that require little focus & no new decisions. Release all intention.

Meander & Explore.

See what happens and don’t be attached to the outcome.

Also, psychoanalysis or self-analysis is enhanced- you could discover something new; even about yourself. Basically, motivation is low and things seem beyond your control.

What not to do? until 6:53pm EST today, avoid embarking on any new project or endeavor that desires a specific outcome, such as: applying for a job, holding an important business meeting, going on a first date, writing a new article (if this is your business) starting a lawsuit or business, negotiations that matter or important purchases.

However, if you don’t care about your outcome or WANT it to be either: nothing or something completely unexpected - DO IT on a void moon. You could diverge into another path and make some interesting discoveries.

Or if you expect to be scrutinized, attacked or under fire for doing something and would prefer to slide by unnoticed, do it on a Void Moon.

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