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How does Astrology help you?

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

It tells you when your actions will have the greatest impact and chance for success. Lunation cycles for example, were used for centuries to tell Farmers when to plant and when to harvest, and you too can use them for initiating steps in a particular direction (new moon) or “closing the deal”(full moon).

Sometimes our goals take a little longer than 2 weeks to manifest though, and that’s where eclipses come in. A solar eclipse represents a 6-12 month period of ’planting’ and a lunar eclipse marks a 6-12 month period of ‘harvesting’ or of seeing the results of your actions.

And the weeks surrounding an eclipse are often tumultuous.

Eclipses affect all of us in different ways; some more than others depending on your natal chart. The represent an area of your life that needs a rehaul.

Our last set of eclipses were in October/November 2021 and we’ve now begun a new set with the first, a solar eclipse April 30 2022 followed by a lunar eclipse May 16 2022.

Pay attention to where the lunations, both short and long term, fall in your chart to understand the natural cycles of your life and work with them.

In this case, look to both the Taurus & Scorpio sector of your chart.

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