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Happy New Moon!

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

A new lunation cycle begins today July 28, with a new moon at 5 degrees Leo - What does it mean for you?

#LEO expect new beginnings in relationships or personal goals. Start something up this week that’s close to your heart. The path is open to possibility.

#CAPRICORN & CANCER, money opportunities are opening up.

#LIBRA & ARIES, you see wonderful new possibilities around creativity, children, romance & friendship.

#VIRGO & PISCES, themes of spiritual, psychological or physical health, work and well-being start playing a bigger role.

#TAURUS, expect new possibilities around home/family/property. Maybe you’ll get to spend more time with family or at home.

#SCORPIO, it’s all about new beginnings in career/business.

#SAGITTARIUS & GEMINI, a new advertising, IT, sales or communication project is on the horizon; likely involving travel, education or other cultures. It could also be a new approach if you teach.

#AQUARIUS expect new partnership & collaboration options. New clients too.

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