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Full moon in Capricorn, July 13 2022

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

The Full moon is ‘exact’ today at 21 degrees Capricorn. What does this mean to you?

The “Cancer/Capricorn” area of your chart should be very active right now, completing a process that began at least 2 weeks ago.

You’ve been dealing with a certain issue for around a month, and your progress or understanding of it could be culminating now, helping you to make your mind about how to proceed.

You reach a personal conclusion through feedback; or this issue reaches a completion in the following areas of your life:

Cancer/Capricorn and their ascendants: the fruition of a personal project, especially regarding appearance or your “role” in the world, your interaction with the public, through clients, business partners, good friends, significant others, stakeholders & romantic committed relationships.

Leo/Aquarius and their ascendants: Your work environment, work projects, co-workers assistants, work habits, health habits, dietary regimens, health consciousness, spiritual practices, overcoming bad habits, psychological hang-ups. Sometimes a secret is revealed.

Virgo/Pisces and their ascendants: Relationships with friends or acquaintances, networking with social or online communities, personal creativity (what you do for fun) romance, dating and children, or projects close to your heart.

Libra/Aries and their ascendants: Your career, business, social standing, public profile, reputation, home, family, property, real estate, or living circumstances

Scorpio/Taurus and their ascendants: Communications; learning, teaching, writing, speaking, radio, TV, websites, blogs, contracts, modes of transportation, travel, other cultures, spreading your message, passports & visas.

Sagittarius/Gemini and their ascendants: Personal resources; money saved, spent, invested or borrowed. Investments made and profit from them. Culmination around a job or client.

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