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Full Moon - August 2022

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

Today’s full moon occurs at 19 degrees Aquarius and as a full moon, indicates culmination, completion and climax about a certain issue, depending on where19 degrees Aquarius falls in your chart:

AQUARIUS (ASC): Your attitude and presence in the world, (showing your true self), the Role you play in relationships, your appearance/style, health/fitness/diet.

PISCES (ASC): Your Intuition/Spirituality & ability to manifest, Finally being able to heal or release bad habits or patterns. Your mental health & psychological wellness.

ARIES (ASC): Your friendships, associations & social/business connections, Your dreams/goals for the future, Your involvement in your community, or for the greater good.

TAURUS (ASC): Your public status, reputation, career or professional direction. Your mother and her impact on who you are today.

GEMINI (ASC): Academic/Educational interests, foreign connections or travel, import/export, spiritual/metaphysical/religious beliefs, sales/broadcasting/publishing/dissemination of your message.

CANCER (ASC): Lump Sums of Money, (through taxes, compensation, profits, settlements, alimony, commissions or other business interests), Merging or separating of shared monies through partners, banks.

LEO (ASC): The focus is on partnerships of all kinds.

VIRGO (ASC): Work & health habits & routines, changes in daily tasks or type of work, awareness of fitness/diet.

LIBRA (ASC): Self-expression though romance/dating, child-related matters, creative or entrepreneurial projects.

SCORPIO (ASC): Home/Property or Family matters. Your father. Your comfort zone/privacy.

SAGITTARIUS (ASC): Academic/educational,(teaching) local travel/driving/community matters, neighbors/siblings, communication of all kind, marketing/sales, IT, contracts/agreements.

CAPRICORN (ASC): How you earn, invest or spend your money.

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