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Failure is Success in Progress!

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

by Nurul at

Our failure can be a stepping stone to our success. It all depends on how we respond to what we consider a failure.

There really is no shame in failure, it is just as natural as success.

Failure is experienced by everyone, it is impossible to live without failing at something, it is all part of learning and our ongoing growth.

Success is often celebrated, whereas failure is associated with shame, incompetence and much more. These negative feelings could have a detrimental effect on our ego and sense of identity. People have this mindset that failure is the opposite of success, many fail to see it as a great tool to build us up and bring us closer to success.

Failure is a great way to re-evaluate our steps, understand our mistakes and learn to overcome the obstacles.

Just because we experience failure, it doesn’t define who we are. If anything, it makes us more intelligent and braver to start again. It teaches us to be resilient in life and to be stronger to face any adversity that is thrown at us. It should be used as a motivation that drives us to move forward in life. There is no point dwelling on what has happened because we do not possess the power to change the past, but we do have the power and ability to shape and change our future.

When we fail, we develop a better understanding of our mistakes. It makes us think and search for meaning behind what we do in our lives. Most people treat failure as the end of the road and give up and lose hope. Sure, that is easy, but of course, it’s not very rewarding. We will realize the true value of our own success if we have experienced failure in life. Our success will feel more rewarding and satisfying after overcoming obstacles during the journey to success.

A successful person who has never faced failure will never know what hard work and perseverance means and would take their success for granted.

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