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Enjoy Life!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Life can often feel like you are on a fast roller coaster with all it's ups and downs that we must deal with.

But we do get to choose how we allow these problems of life affect us. You can choose to control what you can and let the rest go without continually worrying about them.

Once you do what you can to deal with whatever is happening in your life, don't allow it to completely absorb all your focus in life. It is important that we don't continually dwell on situations that we can't fix.

When we dwell on and worry, this robs us from seeing the joy that is all around us, in the simple pleasures and little joys we can find in little things.

I think it is pretty safe to say that none of us are living a "perfect" life but each of us can find perfection in life.

There is likely always going to be something that we have concerns over and must deal with in one capacity or another. You can spend your precious time worrying in your problems or you can intentionally to solve them as best you can and LIVE your life rather than dreading life.

Remember, each and everyone of us deal with this very thing during our lives. Just like the roller coaster has its ups and downs so to does life. There is literally an up for every down, so I suggest find those ups in your life and focusing on the ups while you move forward, ever forward in growth as you enjoy life’s simple pleasures!

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