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Don't you dare dim your light to make others comfortable!

Guest Author Collette Gee

Are you dimming your light to make others feel comfortable?

If you answered yes, below are a few reasons why you should stop.

Of course there are some instances to dim your light so that others can shine, such as when someone is sharing their success.

You might also dim your light if someone is sharing a loss. However, if you find that you are always dimming your light to make others feel comfortable it is time to stop, and here’s why:

Dimming Your Light Is Insulting

Many of us are taught to dim our light so not to appear conceited or stuck up. The truth is, by dimming your light to make others comfortable you are insulting the other person. For instance, whether you realize it or not, people can see how brightly your light shines. In fact, the very reason people may be drawn to you is because of your light. Therefore, dimming your light to make others comfortable may appear patronizing, as opposed to humble.

Shining your light has nothing to do with rubbing your success in other people’s faces. Shining your light is about allowing your inner light to represent who you truly are. Do not dim your light so that you can appear noble. Being someone you are not is more likely to turn people off than impress them.

Other Reason’s Why You Should Not Dim Your Light to Please Others

Results that come from dimming your light:

Dimming your light to make others comfortable hinders your growth. Some of us learn to dim our light to protect us from heartache or rejection. However, when you dim your light, you close yourself off from love and acceptance.

Missed ideas and opportunities. Have you ever shared a new love interest only to have people you know reject them? This is more common than you think. The next time you meet someone new, get to know them before revealing them to people you know.

Being ostracized. Some of us dim our light because we fear being alone. We believe if we go off with a new love or move away for a new career we will be ostracized. Sure, we might lose some people, but the ones that love and respect us will wish us well.

We feel unsafe. Some people feel safer in the shadows then standing in the light. This is because most people fear being mocked, judged and or criticized. Instead of fearing these negative behaviors, focus on the love and support you will receive from shining your light.

How to Shine Your Light

Shining your light is not about showing off or bragging about what you have or your accomplishments. It is about shinning your unique attributes and qualities in only the way you can. It is about being authentically YOU. And, allowing your unique light to radiate as your true essence. It is not a sense of conceit, but a direct attribute of confidence. Your light is something that no one can take away. And, something only you can give away.

The next time you feel compelled to dim your light to make others comfortable here are three things you can do: Stand up, ignite your light and shine! It is like Maya Angelous once said, “If one has courage, nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”

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